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B.Ed in TESOL program fees

1,150 baht per credit (136 credits) + yearly admin fee of 5000 baht.
Total cost of the program: 4 years: 176,400 baht.

It is possible to finish this degree is 3.5 years. If so, the total price would be 171,400 baht.

This degree program is almost entirely weekend courses.

Each course is 5 consecutive weekend days. Course hours are from 9 a.m. until 3-4 p.m. You must attend each day of the course. If you miss one day you lose a letter grade. If you miss two days you will fail that course.

Generally each course has research papers due a week or two after the course is finished. Usually there will not be any exams but that is up to the lecturer.

What is needed to apply are a high school diploma or the like from you native country. We need an English test score of the student is not from a native speaking country I.E. a TOEIC test or an IELTS. Other English test scores can be accepted please submit to find out if it can be. Also we will need passport scans for enrollment.

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